HKJC Junior Trophy - The future is here
12th February 2017 Hong Kong

Hong Yuk Sham. Keep this name in mind, he may very well be the next Jacqueline Lai, a rare jewel of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. 17y-old Hong Kong rider proved today he knew how to make the best of his young experience to perfectly control a two-rounds class on the legendary track of the Longines Masters, atop Baily’s de Lanzelle. A first for all these young riders of the Hong Kong Jockey Club who impressed a lot of spectators in the stands. A chance given by Les Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes and CWD which both supplied horses and equipment to every riders.

“It’s a honor to win here, and it’s even more delightful that my round yesterday wasn’t so good. But with the coachs, we pull out the best to input it today. I’ve known the horse only for three days, it just took us time to get along, but now, we’re all good!, he explained after the prize giving ceremony. We wish  him only the best for the future, as he already dream of competing against the Masters riders he had the chance to meet during the Longines Masters of Hong Kong: “It’s an honor to watch them train, rider and compete. You learn a lot just by looking at them. I’ll keep training, competing, getting more experience and maybe one day, I’ll be here too!”.

The young man can now relax and enjoy international showjumping at its greatest. The Longines Grand Prix is about to start, they are 27 enlisted, a great battle is on its way.