“If equestrian sports are a matter of taste, there is still a consensus that no one can question: the beauty of the horse transcends the sport, and beyond the extraordinary performance of the riders, conveys a feeling of wonder.
And this is doubtlessly what makes show jumping universal, transcending  countries, cultures and populations. Its treasured values do not need rules to exist. They are shared without effort as a testimonial. There is something profoundly captivating in the competition, like a theatrical play that mesmerizes and transports you.
In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the experience of the live spectacle is a rare and enviable commodity. All over the world sports events gather the crowds and unlock passions, inspired by social networks as symbols of a generation that is eager to share. 
This emotion, this dream, this enchantment that we bring to our «Masters » is our mission at EEM. Each new season of the Longines Masters Series, "Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping,” across three continents, three cultures, three emblematic cities, Los Angeles, Paris, and Hong Kong, we carry the values of our sport as an antidote to the venoms of our time.
A few moments of wonderment in a tormented world.”

Christophe Ameeuw – Founder and CEO of EEM


Reinvent Show Jumping! What an ambitious goal Christophe Ameeuw and his team at EEM have set for themselves! For over ten years they have been dedicated to bringing equestrian sports to the front of the international stage. Inspired by the legendary tournaments of the tennis Grand Slam, EEM gathers under one roof the best of sport, entertainment and lifestyle. 2009 was a crucial milestone for EEM with its revival of the “Jumping de Paris” and the creation of the Gucci Paris Masters. EEM then set off to conquer new continents, with an Asian edition which took place in Hong Kong in 2013, followed in 2014 by the first American stage of the Longines Masters in Los Angeles. In 2015 the intercontinental trilogy of which EEM is the creator, owner and organizer, became the Longines Masters Series, “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping.”

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Established in three of the world’s most iconic cities - Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong  - the Longines Masters series, “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping” is renowned as one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world and is broadcast in more than 120 countries, reaching up to 800 million households.

A CSI 5* event, widely considered to be of 6* standard, the Longines Masters gathers, during four days, equestrian excellence, lifestyle experience, elegance and entertainment. The Longines Masters is a real «meeting point» bringing together a broad spectrum of people including VIPs, global leaders in business, the public, equestrian enthusiasts, family and friends. Every minute of every day and night at this extravaganza of World’s Elite show jumping, gastronomy, fashion, art, music and spectacular shows creates an everlasting sense of wonderment and inspiration in each continent.


The new ultimate sporting challenge across three continents presented by EEM is designed to bring the equestrian sports in the international spotlight and create history.

Inspired by the legendary Grand Slam in tennis and officially recognized by the FEI, the Grand Slam Indoor introduces an unprecedented bonus of 2,25 Million Euros to the rider who can succeed in claiming top spot in the Longines Grand Prix Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong.
  • The Super Grand Slam: 2.25 Million Euros bonus for a triple consecutive Longines Grand Prix victory starting in Los Angeles, then Paris and Hong Kong in the same season
  • The Grand Slam: 1 Million Euros bonus for three consecutive victories in the Longines Grand Prix from one season to the next.
With total potential prize earnings of up to 4,500,000€, this new intercontinental challenge raises EEM and its “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping” to the ranks of legendary sporting events such as the Ryder Cup for golf, the Grand Slam for tennis and the America’s Cup for sailing.
Who will be the first rider to make the new show jumping history?


Quality sports entertainment is all about what the French aptly describe as “setting the stage”. Experts in this field, EEM are responsible for the spectacular décor, original production, state-of-the-art film coverage and innovative classes that have allowed the Longines Masters series to revolutionize the sport and the image that it conveys to such a wide audience.
An exciting revolution that is dedicated to the search for excellence. Four days of skills and thrills thanks to the Longines Masters' main events, which include: the Longines Speed Challenge, a real Speed World Championship over three continents; the Longines Grand Prix, an Olympic-level event that offers riders a chance of winning the ultimate challenge, the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping, the Pro-Am Style & Competition for Charity, where stars and riders saddle up in costume to raise funds for charity.

In addition to these events, the huge Masters' arena will also welcome the best junior, amateur and professional riders to compete in the Prestige and Invitational Trophies, where the sports’ rising stars rub shoulders with the world's top riders. The Longines Masters not only opens its doors to all generations, nations and levels, but also to other disciplines. During these events EEM has already organized special dressage demonstrations in Los Angeles and reintroduced polo to Asia after 30 years of absence, with the Polo Cup in Hong Kong.


Each year, in each destination, the best horses and riders in the world will gather for these exceptional events. The program is full of options for sport lovers, but also for neophytes who wish to discover the magic of the equestrian universe.

The Longines Masters are also a rendezvous for personalities of the worlds of luxury, art and show business, as well as industry leaders and decision makers. The events are the occasion for them to meet and invite their VIP partners and premium clients, as they provide wonderful operations of networking and public relations. The Longines Masters of Los Angeles already welcomed Steven Spielberg, Bill & Melinda Gates, Bruce Springsteen & Patti Smith, Michael Bloomberg, André Agassi, Steffi Graff, Bob Johnson, David Caruso, Denise Richards, James Caan, Kaley Cuoco, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Mann. In Paris, Jean Rochefort, Charlotte Casiraghi, Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Canet, Gaspard Ulliel, Gary Dourdan are regulars every year. And the Longines Masters of Hong Kong is now considered as the major “must go” sporting and social Asian event.

Something intangible drives celebrities and the public to The Longines Masters events: a common passion for horses and high quality shows.


The Longines Masters celebrates sport, art, gastronomy, fashion, music, show and entertainment across continents.

At the heart of the Prestige Village, in an elegant atmosphere, art galleries expose their exquisite selection of contemporary art. Ephemeral boutiques of prestigious brands delight the amateurs of exclusive shopping experiences. Children have a dedicated space with animations, games and treasure hunts. Friends can enjoy the food, wine and champagne tastings, while the world’s best riders and horses practice before their time in the ring. Passionate can meet and greet with the athletes and show them schooling during Masterclasses.

Live music, private concert and after-parties also speak to the reputation of the Longines Masters Series - the young phenomenal French trio L.E.J., Selah Sue, or the Iconic DJ duo Cassius played at the Masters, offering spectators the opportunity to move seamlessly from a day or sporting prowess to an evening of party and glamour.


Throughout the years EEM has built a solid and trustworthy relationship with prestigious partners that have greatly contributed to the success of the Masters - like our Title Partner and Official Timekeeper Swiss watch-maker Longines - and continue to support the Longines Masters in their wonderful “We Ride the World” journey.

The Longines Masters are also made of the presence of faithful partners that associate their name and image to these exceptional and unique events: The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ceneca, Amade, Airbus Group, Emirates, Canadian Pacific, Hyatt, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Rinck, Franco Dragone, Lido de Paris, The House of Dancing Water, Opera Gallery, Richard Orlinski, Champagne Barons de Rothschild, Hermès Sellier, Miasuki, Laiterie de Montaigu,  Gucci, Shanghai Tang, Massimo Dutti, Eurosport, Equidia, TVB, Fox Sports, KTLA, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Le Figaro, L’Equipe, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Hong Kong Tatler, SCMP…


Each leg of the “We Ride the World” journey is a gateway to the world, punctuated not only with cultural but also human encounters.

The Longines Masters are strongly anchored in charitable commitment and are proud to count AMADE Mondiale amongst their partners; an engagement now signed for the three destinations of the Masters. Founded in 1963 by Princess Grace of Monaco, the AMADE Mondiale is now presided by Princess Caroline of Hanover. The organization promotes and protects the rights of the most vulnerable children in the world. In 2009 EEM created a unique and original event in Paris that is now replicated in Los Angeles. Associating top-level riders and personalities in a competition for a good cause, the Pro-Am Style & Competition for Charity is a costumed event that spectators truly love.

EEM established in Los Angeles and Hong Kong a network of charity organizations with which the events are engaged for the long term: JustWorld International, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Feeding Hong Kong, Autism Speaks, New Children for Tomorrow, Baby2Baby, and many more.