Sam Edelman Grand Prix: As a result of perseverance
02nd October 2016 Los Angeles

Hilary McNerney opened the Longines Masters of Los Angeles Thursday morning by winning the first class. She finished the weekend the same way, dominating the Sam Edelman Grand Prix of the Prestige Trophy at 1.45m.

Brilliantly leading Z Acodate DDL, her 12-year-old mare, she completed a perfect clear-round with a time that could give her a large lead ahead of her opponents. It was a victory she was badly wanted, a form of accomplishment. “I really wanted to win today. I’ve done some 2* competitions over the summer, and I finished in second place a lot. That’s why I was ready to do anything for this today. And Acodate was just perfect, I’m really glad I have her.” The amateur rider who has now been trained for seven years by Kent Farrington, rode with her instinct, cutting the time on an option no one has attempted before her. “To be honest, I went in blind in this round. I didn’t even know that there was this short option before I entered the ring for the jump-off. I just imagined they all have done it, so I did the same. I was lucky enough to have it coming perfectly, and I entirely trust her. She knows when she has to save me.” It was a well-deserved victory for this lovely U.S. rider.

Time is ticking. The hall is full. The riders in the Masters class are walking the course for the Longines Grand Prix. The jumps are raised to the height of 1.60m. All of the champions are here with their best horses. The competition promises to be truly exceptional.