Pro-Am for Charity: Festivity and generosity
01st October 2016 Los Angeles

A warm atmosphere with a theatrical and comical ambiance welcomed a jury of celebrities for a charitable cause. This was the recipe for the famous Pro-Am for Charity of the Longines Masters. Eight pairs played the game, all just as creative.

Just before the class started, the jury took their seats on the thrones overlooking the arena, and spectators greeted the judges: Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan, delightfully flanked by entertainment reporter Sam Rubin and Lawrence Zarian. In the arena, Ghostbusters Will Simpson and Ben Ebeling, competing on behalf of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Dieases, got the ball rolling, followed by Francie Steinwedell-Carvin and Vani Khosla in a Little Mermaid theme for Thrive Animal Rescue, sponsored by Friends of Thrive Animal Rescue.

Next came two well-known samurais, Destry Spielberg, daughter of the famous film director, and Longines Ambassador Jane Richard Philips, paired up to compete for JustWorld International, sponsored by Longines. Eduardo Menezes and Jean-Christophe Mely won the jury’s hearts with their E.T.-inspired performance and gave it everything they had for Special Spirit sponsored by San Pascual Stables Sterckx & Friends of Special Spirit’s organization. Last to go, Kristin Hardin and Nicolette Hirt gave a beautiful dancing demonstration with an ancient Roman theme benefiting Compton Jr. Posse Youth Equestrian Program and sponsored by Nicole Teague of Montebello Chevrolet.

When it came to putting on a winning show, the victors were Nayel Nasser and Sloan Elmassian competing on behalf of Ride On, sponsored by Ventura. A total amount of $250,000 was gifted in this charity class.

It was an excellent appetizer before the main class of the night, the Emirates Gold Cup, during which the crowd could admire the world’s best riders compete.