Just One Eye & Grand Prix Replay Trophy: Future champions
30th September 2016 Los Angeles

It’s touching and inspiring to watch the evolution of the young amateurs as they grow in the sport inclasses like today’s Just One Eye Trophy. On this second day of a prestigious competition like this,some of the riders sometimes start to feel a little more under pressure, with some disappointment of a pool down or a refusal. This stress, however, seems to be a source of motivation for some, particularly Bittar’s daughters.


Winner of the opening class yesterday, United States rider Amelie Bittar, was beaten this time by her sister Alyce, who had the fastest round of 49.59 seconds atop Cara B in the 1.10m class. Cheering on his daughters on the Kiss & Cry, their dad, Georges Bittar, couldn’t be more proud of the promising results of these future champions. It was incredibly moving for fans around him to  hear him chant “Come on, gallop” during their rounds. Bittar was both a happy father and owner, as his third mare, Lucky Spot B, also claimed a spot on the podium, led by France Stéphanie Anne. It’s pretty clear that these young ladies are here to win, are very fast, and are dominating the competition for now. The question will be if we can expect the same from them over the next few days.


This same drive to succeed animates Sarah Ryan, winner of the 1.20m class of the Just One Eye Trophy. She and Costa de Baugy Z managed to be one of only three clear-rounds, showcasing the finesse and perfection that characterizes her pretty 9y-old mare. Special mention for Guillaume Canet,who rode a perfect clear-round on SIEC Ciotto and ended up second! The French actor only met the grey stallion two days ago, and they seem already to get along really well.


As momentum of the event builds, the atmosphere is relatively calm on this morning of the second day of the Longines Masters of Los Angeles, but it will be a completely different universe from what spectators will discover tonight during the Longines Speed Challenge. The star class that all riders dream to add to their record promises to have the stands full and shaking with excitement. Be on time, 8:30pm !