Just One Eye Trophy: An unfailing fighting spirit
29th September 2016 Los Angeles

As the atmosphere started to warm up and the stands began to fill, riders of the National Trophy took their firsts steps on the beautiful Long Beach Convention Center arena. The Longines Masters of Los Angeles gives a chance for these amateur riders to compete alongside the world’s stars of the sport.

Separated by level, the Just One Eye Trophy first started with a 1.10m class, won by Amelie Bittar and her pretty mare Beirut B. The young American rider rode off the arena with a large smile on her face, but it was with lovely shyness and modesty that she summarized her round and credited her horse. “I was not in the competition, but fortunately she saves me every time. I’m so glad I can count on her. I was a little stressed because it was the first time I participated in this type of top-level competition, but I’m so happy to be here.” French riders performed particularly strong in this class. Stéphanie Anne and Keith El Bied (Equidia Life Academy’s rider) had connected with their horses only yesterday, and yet they both managed to rank today in second and sixth place, respectively. This bodes well for the weekend to come!

The public got a little more surprises in the second part of the class, at 1.20m. Jessica Sullivan Allen won with her mare Little Annie, but unfortunately fell during her second round with Natural Ability. The fall resulted in a dislocated shoulder that will heal quickly but kept her from attending the prize giving ceremony. This interruption is only temporary as she promised to be back on track for her next class.