Inside the Masters x Sophie St.Clair : An interview with Olympian Lucy Davis
07th September 2016 Los Angeles

“Inside the Masters x Sophie St.Clair” bringing you an exclusive interview with U. S. Equestrian Team member and Olympic silver medalist, Lucy Davis. The Los Angeles native returns to her home town this Fall when she competes at the Longines Masters of Los Angeles. At 23, the young equestrienne is highly accomplished. She has been riding professionally on the international circuit for several years under the guidance of trainer Marcus Beerbaum. In 2013, she burst onto the world stage when the young American won the Grand Prix of Lausanne in Switzerland against seasoned veterans of the sport. But let’s talk about perseverance for a moment. She accomplished all of that while completing her degree in Architecture from Stanford University in 2015.  The accolades don’t stop here. She’s fresh off her Olympic debut in Rio de Janeiro where she represented the U.S. Equestrian team and rode to a Team Silver finish. This year Lucy brings two exciting horses to compete in both the Longines Grand Prix and the fastest class in the world the Longines Speed Challenge. 


Los Angeles, the West Coast and all of America was so proud of your performance during your Olympic debut. Can you describe the feeling of becoming an Olympic medalist? 

It was a dream just to get there. We had really high expectations going in being such a strong team. But once you actually have the medal, it’s a totally overwhelming and emotional feeling. I’ve dreamed and worked my whole life for this. A lot of people say, “Oh, you’re so young to be able to accomplish this.”, but it’s been so much hard work from my family, my trainers, grooms who helped me along the way, friends, everybody that have supported me since I started riding. It’s been a faster track but it’s been a journey and all that emotion comes to the surface. 


Do you have a goal for the Longines Masters of Los Angeles?

The goal is always to do well in the Grand Prix. What the Masters do have is the Longines Speed Challenge. It gives horses that aren’t the grand prix winners a chance to shine and perform and to shoot for some really good prize money. I consider that class just as important as the Grand Prix. 


Which horse/s will you bring to the Longines Masters of Los Angeles?

Cassis who’s been performing really well this summer and I hope he’ll enjoy the indoor venue.  I’m going to try to also bring Boucherom who I think will be perfect for the speed challenge because she’s fiery and quick. Barron (her Olympic mount) is on a bit of a vacation. He’s had a big year so we want to give him a little rest. 


What are you excited about when you think of competing at the Longines Masters of Los Angeles?

I’m just excited to share the sport with LA and to have people in the crowd that I’ve know for a long time. They get to see the sport at the highest level in person. It’s a hugely unique opportunity. It’s helping the sport here on the West Coast grow. Hopefully, I can spend a lot more time here with them as these competitions continue to grow. 


What will you be packing in your tack trunk?

Cassis “Casper” always has stuffed animals we bring for him because he is a little bit of an emotional guy.


Do you have any lucky charms?

I don’t really have lucky charms. I got tired of making excuses for each time they didn’t work.


You’re a native of Los Angeles. What are your favorite things to do here?

When I come home, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and going to the beach. I like to go to Venice Beach because there are lots of cool shops and restaurants. Really, I just hang out with friends and family. If I were to do more touristy things, I like the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) museum. There’s always cool exhibits there all the time. So, when I’m home and I want to see something interesting I go there. 


Looking forward to see you compete in the Longines Masters of Los Angeles, Lucy!