"Inside The Masters" Starring : Sophie St.Clair special reporter of the Masters
01st August 2016 Los Angeles

Hello everyone and welcome to the Longines Masters of Los Angeles!

I'm Sophie St.Clair, a southern California show jumper, writer, and intern for EEM, the creator of the sensational Longines Masters Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping.

I've been riding and competing for the last 10 years. At only 17, that's a big portion of my life and I love it! For the last two years, I have been a competitor at the Longines Masters of Los Angeles. But the Longines Masters is not just a competition, it's a world where sport, fashion, art, music, entertainment and exquisite dining come together to create a truly unique experience for both competitor and spectator. It's a "must do" event for me every year now! Let me show you why it should be for you too.

For the next few weeks I will be your special reporter. Ride along with me for an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the most spectacular equestrian show jumping event in the world. 

Ever wondered how those international horses get to California or maybe you want to meet some of the world best riders showcased in the competitions? I'll be taking a closer look at the importance of having a great team to support the riders in their quest for victory. The Pro-Am Style and Competition for Charity showcases the work of some amazing charitable organizations. I'll get you a sneak peek at some of this years participants. Find out fun things to do in Long Beach, our new seaside headquarters. In case you are new to show jumping, don't worry, be sure to catch our guide to the rules of the sport and you'll be a pro in no time! 

Stay tuned on for our exclusive reports, we're also on all of your favorite social media platforms so follow us Facebook and Instagram. For more information about tickets to the Longines Masters of Los Angeles please go to our website. Find me, special reporter Sophie St.Clair on tumblr and Instagram too!