[VIDEO] Marco Kutscher and Van Gogh creates Longines Masters history
10th March 2016 Hong Kong
The Longines Masters Series - Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping - came to a stunning and historical conclusion of its tri-continental season at the Longines Masters of Hong Kong.
Germany’s Marco Kutscher now holds a very special place in history after a breathtaking display of precision and speed to win his second non consecutive Longines Grand Prix.
In this memorable ride on his magnificent stallion Van Gogh, Kutscher defeated a star studded lineup to win the Longines Grand Prix, a challenging Olympic-standard class, and became the world’s first rider to win the Grand Slam Indoor Super Bonus presented by EEM. 
Thanks to this remarkable achievement, Kutscher was overjoyed and said « I am now a Hong Kong Millionaire! ».Actually, he is more than $HK3 MILLION richer! In addition to his share of first prize money of 150,000 EUROS, Kutscher took home a bonus cheque of 250,000 EUROS for winning a second 
non-consecutive Longines Grand Prix, the Grand Slam Indoor Super Bonus. He previously triumphed in this prestigious class during the American leg of the Longines Masters Series last October.
Last year, the Longines Masters Series introduced a new challenge to its exclusive concept to world-class show jumping with the Grand Slam Indoor Super Bonus presented by EEM, offering 1 MILLION EUROS in prize money for three consecutive wins in the Longines Grand Prix, 500,000 EUROS for two consecutive wins and 250,000 EUROS for two non-consecutive wins. 
This rich bonus system provides riders with enormous incentive to perform to the highest standard and thrill equestrian fans who keenly follow the Longines Masters Series that takes place in 
Los Angeles - Paris - Hong Kong.
In this special video, we catch up with Marco Kustcher back home at his stables in Germany to reflect on his history-making moment that captivated audiences, not only in Hong Kong but right across the world, and to find out how he answered the challenge of being able to win not one but two Longines Grand Prix classes. We relive every stride of his unprecedented victorles in Los Angeles and Hong Kong and pay tribute to a riding achievement that may never be equaled.
Let’s celebrate and share this wonderful moment in Longines Masters history, where a whole lifetime of hard work perfecting his skills in the saddle paid off handsomely for Marco Kutscher.
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