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  • 07/24/1977
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Often the backbone of the French team during FEI Nations cups, Julien Epaillard is best known for being one of the fastest circuit riders and a great lover of Derbies, including La Baule in which he competes yearly. In 2014, he won not less than 18 international competitions! He is currently building a strong horse team with Cristallo A LM, Safari d'Auge, Quatrin de la Roque or Sheriff de la Nutria.
* Individual gold medallist at the Young Riders European Championship 1997 (Si Tu Viens)
* 4th at the LGCT Final of Sao Paulo 2008 (Kanthaka de Petra)
* Silver medallist at the Fontainebleau Master Pro French Championship of 2010 (Mister Davier)
* 2nd at the La Baule Derby in 2010 and 2011 (Commissario)
* Winner of the Gucci Masters Jump-high 2011 (Commissario)
* Winner in Barcelona 2012 (Monalisa LS)
* Winner of the Longines Speed Challenge in Hong Kong 2015 (Pigmalion du Rozel)
* Team Winner of the Saut Hermès with Amy Graham in Paris 2015 (Cristallo 1*LM)
* Winner of the Grand Prix of the La Coruña CSI 4* 2015 (Cristallo A LM)
* 6th at the LandRover Grand Prix of Bordeaux 2016 (Quatrin de la Roque)