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  • 05/03/1976
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.“Too tall and too heavy” to become a steeplechase jockey as he would have liked to, Denis Lynch became a showjumping rider. Nonetheless he loves to compete in derbies winning La Baule in 2012. But his biggest success is his historic win in the Aachen Grand Prix in 2009 with his horse Lantinus therefore adding his name to the historic list of winners of this mythic competition. With this horse, he won the prestigious Grand Prix of Doha, La Baule, Rome in 2008, and ranked 2nd of the "Rolex Top 10" in 2010.
His other lead horse, All Inclusive, brings more consecrations as the Leipzig Grand Prix winning in 2011 and the 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Rio in 2010. In 2014, he ends up 9th in the WEG in Normandy. Having had ups and downs during his career, Denis Lynch never gives up and always is a serious competitor in each class he starts in.
• Team silver medallist at the European Championship of Herning 2012 
• Winner of the World Cup Final in Lyon 2014
• 6th at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy 2014 
• Winner of the Grand Prix Land Rover in Bordeaux 2015