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Despite his young age, Maikel Van der Vleuten already achieved what most riders dream of: he has won team silver at the London Olympic Games, team gold at the Normandie World Championships, the 2014 Nations Cup Final in Barcelona and several Grand Prix like Lyon, London, Madrid and recently claimed victory in classes at the Paris Masters and at London Olympia. Yet he just started riding at the high level four years ago! An incredible rise he probably couldn’t have done without his incredible horse Verdi and the support of his father Eric, an international rider himself. Together, father and son competed in the St. Gall Nations Cup where both went double clear offering their country the first place. Today, the son has exceeded the father, but Maikel stays very humble. He trains and works hard to keep on with this success, participates actively to all the victories of the Dutch team, particularly like recently at the European Championship of Aachen where they took the gold medal. Constant in his rankings on all the shows, he demonstrates a specific technique in his riding that keeps amazing the public.

* Team silver medallist at the Olympic Games of London 2012 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* 7th at the World Cup final in Bois-le-Duc 2012 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* Team 6th at the European Championship of Herning 2013 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* Individual bronze medallist at the LGCT Grand Prix of London 2013 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* Team 4th at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup of Barcelona 2013 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* Team gold medallist at the WEG in Normandy 2014 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* 1st at the Madrid Grand Prix 2014 (VDL Groep Verdi)
* Individual gold medallist at the Netherlands Championships 2014 (VDL Groep Eureka)
• Winner of the Madrid Grand Prix 2014 
• Team gold medal at the European Championship of Aachen 2015 
• 3rd place in the Gucci Gold Cup at the Longines Masters of Paris 2015