HONG KONG 9 › 12 FEBRUARY 2017 AsiaWorld-Expo
Main events
  • Sunday 21st February
  • 02:45 PM
  • 1,60 m
  • US$ 500 000
  • Masters (5*)
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The Longines Grand Prix is the grand finale of a show jumping competition. It is the key class. A technical, Olympic-level course, with around twelve obstacles and fifteen demanding jumps,  – up to 1.60m in height at the most – with tough sequences and double and triple combinations, requiring horses that are perfectly trained and focused and experienced riders who must not make even the slightest error of judgement. To determine the winner, riders who jump clear (or have the same number of penalties), take part in a jump off, a shorter version of the initial course where time is of the essence.
The Longines Grand Prix in Hong Kong is a particularly important event for the world's best riders as it’s one of the biggest prize money on the circuit : US$ 500,000. And, above all, it offers the winner the opportunity of going for the Masters Grand Slam Super Bonus : a second victory in Hong Kong could bring Patrice Delaveau, the 2015 Longines Masters of Paris winner, €500,000 and the dream could continue in Los Angeles, where he would then be riding for €1,000,000. If success is not on the cards for him in Hong Kong, he could still “play” for €250,000 in Paris, with a second, non-consecutive victory, as Marco Kustcher, 2015 Longines Masters of Los Angeles winner will do in Hong Kong.
Previous Winners
2015 Longines Masters of Paris - Patrice Delaveau & Lacrimoso 3*HDC
2015 Longines Masters of Los Angeles - Marco Kutscher & Van Gogh
2015 Longines Masters of Hong Kong – John Whitaker & Argento
2014 Gucci Paris Masters – Martin Fuchs & PSG Future
2014 Longines Los Angeles Masters - Jos Verlooy & Domino
2014 Longines Hong Kong Masters - Henrik von Eckermann & Gotha FRH
2013 Gucci Paris Masters - Kevin Staut & Silvana HDC
2013 Longines Hong Kong Masters - Patrice Delaveau & Lacrimoso 3 HDC
2012 Gucci Paris Masters - Marc Houtzager & Sterrehof’s Tamino
2011 Gucci Paris Masters - Pénélope Leprévost & Mylord Carthago*HN
2010 Gucci Paris Masters - Marco Kutscher & Cash 63
2009 Gucci Paris Masters - Jos Lansink & Valentina Van’t Heike


Winners of the previous editions

      Patrice DELAVEAU