Meet Gucci's ambassadors, who will be competing wearing the luxury brand's colours..
26th November 2014 Paris
Four ambassadors will be competing wearing Gucci’s colours: all four are leading figures and prominent riders. Two of the best female riders in the international circuit : Australian Edwina Tops-Alexander and American Jessica Springsteen ; and two passionated amateurs : Charlotte Casiraghi and French actor-director Guillaume Canet.
Charlotte Casiraghi and Edwina Tops- Alexander were the first female riders to represent the Florentine brand in competitions. Last year, they were joined by America’s Jessica Springsteen and Guillaume Canet.
These four excellent riders have answered some questions on their collaboration with the luxury brand and the elegance requirement for equestrian sports, let’s figure out what their answers are…
You are the face of Gucci’s new line of cosmetics: how did this new collaboration come about ?
Charlotte Casiraghi : Frida Giannini, Gucci, and I have developed a very strong working relationship and a bond over the years, which has grown stronger over time. Our relationship began through a common passion for riding and Gucci’s iconic products. I am now very proud to extend this collaboration and it is an honour to be associated with the creation of this new line of cosmetics which is a very important project in the brand’s history.
Are you involved in Gucci’s equestrian collection ?
Edwina Tops-Alexander : Yes and I love it.
I have always been interested in fashion and I have always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer or stylist. I had this amazing opportunity to combine my career as a rider with the creation of my Gucci collection with Frida. We were very careful in the selection of technical materials which were essential to me as an athlete and we combined them to create an elegant summer and winter collection. I need to feel comfortable in my clothes when I ride and this collection enhances the elegance of the sport and of fashion.
How do you combine elegance and performance in your sport ?
Jessica Springsteen : When I started riding a long time ago, my coaches passed on certain principles that I still try to uphold such as arriving for your lessons early with your boots polished, shirt tucked in, hair neatly done, a positive and ready to learn attitude. Good conduct and style are a mark of respect of the sport, your coach, and yourself. This includes your horses which should be groomed and ready and paying close attention during your lessons. These elements, added to a beautifully presented horse and rider, embody the equestrian ideal and facilitate performance!
As the only male ambassador on the Team, how did your collaboration with Gucci come about ?
Guillaume Canet : «My collaboration with Gucci began at the 2012 Gucci Paris Masters. I met the Gucci teams including Robert Triefus, Marketing Director for Gucci, and Frida Giannini, Creative Director, there. We had already met once before at the Rome Film Festival where we talked about my desire to get back in the saddle and go back to competing. It was after that Gucci Paris Masters that we began working together. I am delighted about this as, in addition to the pride of riding wearing Gucci’s colours and being a part of its Team, I really like the people with whom I am working and there is a great ambiance !