Inside the Masters x Sophie St.Clair: One to watch, Chandler Meadows (V.O.)
13 septembre 2016 Los Angeles

Inside the Masters x Sophie St.Clair with a sneak peak at one of the exciting west coast riders joining us this year at the Longines Masters. At just 21 years old, Chandler Meadows is a 3 time LA Masters veteran who has competed every year since its inception in 2014. 
From Newport Beach, Chandler is no stranger to high level competition as this year Chandler won Team bronze medal at the North American Junior and Young Rider championships. She trains under the direction of professional trainers Joie Gatlin and Morley Abey. Joie will be riding again this year at the Masters too! Chandler will be competing in both the Prestige Trophy with two exciting horses. 

Good luck Chandler!


How did you get started riding?
I've been riding since I was 10, so about 11 years. I started in a back yard program in my neighborhood doing bareback and horsemanship classes. After that, I stepped up and started showing with my different trainers.

You've ridden at Longines Masters for the last two years. What do you like about it?
I like it! It's a completely different venue than I've ever been to or competed at before. With the European style of showing I thought it was really, really fun. It's cool to be able to watch the top riders competing in the evening. It's inspirational. 


What are you excited about when you think of competing in the Longines Masters this year?
I'm always excited to be there. The most exciting part for me is to ride in a whole different atmosphere. The enclosed indoor ring and warming up where everyone is watching you is totally different from the shows we have here in California. For me dealing with the pressure and the whole atmosphere is good. Also, I'm competing at a higher level this year and that will be challenging for me but I am excited to compete and see how it goes!


What horse/s are you bringing to the Longines Masters? 
Petite Prince du Laume is a 13 year old Selle Francais and Carletto is an 11 year old Holsteiner. Prince will do the 1.35 and Carletto will do the 1.45 classes.

How are you preparing your horses to come to the Longines Masters?
Lots of flat work, no stirrups, cavalettis, lots of gymnastics, just working on their rideability because it will be a small ring. Prince has been to the Masters before but it's always a different experience for them. I'm getting them really fit and jumping well. I want them to be excited to be there and not too tired so we are only going to show once more before then. 

Do you have goals for the show?
I definitely want to have good solid rounds. That may be ambitious for what I am competing in but I think my horses are super capable. If I step up to the plate we'll be fine. My goal is to have some good rounds. I will try my best in every round, try to go fast and try to go clear. 
What will you bring to the Longines Masters for you or for your horses?
I always have the same routine. It helps me get in the mind set to compete. I always have my backpack with my crop, my spurs and usually some kind of energy drink to get me ready. Sometimes, I can get a bit too relaxed beforehand! My horses will always have treats for them after they ride. 

Do you have any lucky charms? 
I try to wear the same belt if I am doing a grand prix or a big class. I try to wear my favorite show shirt in a big class. I've had my crop for a long, long time. For some of my gear I wont get new stuff because I'm a little superstitious!

Do you have favorite things to do in LA? 
LA is a really great but now that the Masters will be in the Long Beach Convention Center,  I'm excited to check out that area.  I've never really stayed in Long Beach so I'm excited to check out the restaurants and the Queen Mary is there too. I think the area will be fun!

Don't miss your opportunity to see show jumping's rising stars at Longines Masters of Los Angeles!