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12 March 2018 - EEM World

The Longines Masters of New York is delighted to welcome these incredible Masters 2 & Masters 3 riders! They will be rubbing shoulders with elite 5* show jumpers from all around the world. Welcome to Masters 2 riders: Coco Fath, Sayre Happy, Sophie Michaels, Hannah Selleck, Callie Seaman, Sima Morgello, Samantha Wight, Sloan Hopson,Kaitlyn McCann, Brooke Gunther, Alejandro Karolyi,Claire Schreder, Megan McDermott, Cara Raether Welcome to Masters 3 riders: Serena Marron, Alexandra Cherubini, Ariana Rockefeller, Virginia Ingram, Summer Paulos, Monica Carrera, Gabrielle Freund, Prima Bonaventura Stay tuned for more Masters 2 & Masters 3 riders to come. See you soon in New York 26-29 April, 2018. Purchase your tickets here: