A grand finale for the Longines Grand Prix!

3 December 2017 - EEM World

Today was the last day of competition in the European stage of the intercontinental Longines Masters Paris – Hong Kong – New York. Concluding an intense competition day, the Longines Grand Prix delighted the public that saw the amazing victory of the Deutsch Daniel Deusser. Season III promises to continue with even greater sensations, with the Asian stage, in Hong-Kong, set to take place from February 9-11 2018, followed by the American stage in New York, which will also feature the Riders Masters Cup rematch, from April 26-29, 2018.

The world's show-jumping elite, taut and ready to shoot through the air
For this final day of competition, on which all the finals were to be held - the Masters One, Masters Two, and Masters Three - the Longines Masters of Paris offered audiences three top-notch Grand Prix, thanks to the technically-intricate and much-savored courses designed by Season III master, Louis Konickx, who set the stage for the best in sport to emerge, in all categories.

From as early as 8:30 AM, spectators were filing into the stands to experience the Masters Three SFAM Grand Prix, presented by SFAM, partner to the event. Emerging triumphant from this 1.30 m course was Susanna Epaillard, riding Qira d’Auge, posting a time of 35.96 seconds, ahead of Chloe van Hove and Jennifer Meylan, after an exceptional jump-off. A 100 % feminine podium ! Showjumping rising stars such as Ansgar Holtgers Jr, 12 years old, Eden Lprevost Blinlebreton, 13 years old and Nikolaos Katsos, 16 years old managed to enter the Top 10 and the class.

At 10:45 AM, the riders competing in the prestigious Masters Two Land Rover Grand Prix, decked out in the colors of the Longines Masters of Paris’ historical partner, put all their astuteness to work to complete flawless rides, in the shortest times. In the end, it was Kara Chad, riding Carona who came away victorious in 40.07 seconds in the jump-off. The Round of Honor was appreciated by audiences as much as by the 3 winning riders, Cara Chad, Céline Schoonbroodt-de Azevedo and Vincent Bartin who - for the occasion - were aloft a Land Rover Cabriolet to enjoy the honors!

At 1:45 PM, the public had the pleasure of discovering or re-discovering the Shetland ponies from Le Haras de Jardy stables. The children, all smiles and hungry for their own taste of victory, showed determination and grit on the amazing Longines Masters of Paris course.

Last came the crowning jewel in the competition, the Longines Grand Prix, proudly bearing the name of the tri-continental series’ title partner, Longines: from 2:45 PM sharp, a commanding concentration filled the hall. The world's top riders, including the Olympics Steve Guerdat, Pénélope Leprevost and Roger-Yves Bost came out to be part of this paramount event and attempt to take the title away from Grégory Wathelet, last year’s winner on Eldorado. But before vibrating on the rhythm of the horses hoofs, Guillaume Canet, alongside with Jean-Maurice Bonneau, former trainer of the French and Brazilian teams wanted to honor Jean Rochefort, horseman and comedian that passed away earlier during the year. A moved audience warmly celebrated the actor of “Un éléphant ça trompe énormément” with a standing ovation before assisting to the traditional introduction of the Longines Grand Prix riders. Welcomed and presented one by one, they first entered the arena alongside with 37 children, proud to walk aside their favorite riders. They could discover the class held at a maximal height of 1.60m.

A walk-the-course that saw French Sports Minister Laura Flessel as guest, came to support the riders and highlight the incredible dynamism of French equestrian sports : “we need such important events in France. I am happy to meet again the Olympic champions that I have already met in Rio last year. I wish the athletes a great competition”.

The course's legendary curves and straights, etched out by internationally-renowned course designer Louis Konickx, proved a challenge to the riders, who had to put all their focus in play to achieve a flawless run. Putting even the time-keeping devices in a frenzy obstacle after obstacle, it was ultimately Daniel Deusser, on Cornet d’Amour, who came away with laurel crown in this Olympic-level competition, also laying claim to the exceptional opportunity to win the Super Grand Slam: a €2,250,000 bonus proposed by EEM, for anyone who wins the Longines Grand Prix in Paris, Hong Kong and New York, in that order.

“One more time, we experienced an exceptional Longines Grand Prix, with an astounding panel of riders! This European stage once again offered the audience thrills like nowhere else and got Season III of the Longines Masters off to the most splendid of starts! ” exclaimed Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice-President and International Marketing Director for Longines, who handed the Longines Grand Prix to the winner, along with an elegant Longines watch.

Throughout the competition, the Prestige Village left visitors awe-struck, with its blend of all the best in culture, with an ever-larger panel of partners and exhibitors, deployed around the riders’ training paddock, offering a rare opportunity to see the world's best in show-jumping up-close and personal.

For a full four days, a series of live events and activities was offered, to everyone's delight. While the Longines Carrousel and artists walked the aisles, bringing magic to the day for the youngest in attendance, those a bit older were able to let loose at Afterparties reminiscent of the most glorious music festivals, moving to the beat of figures like River Jaxx, Jeremix, Synapson, Kid Noize or Elephanz!

Thank you Paris, See You in Hong Kong! #WERIDETHEWORLD
We are proud of this European stage of the Longines Masters Paris - Hong Kong - New York, which gets Season III off to a roaring start. I would like to thank all our partners, Longines, our title partner, of course, but also Land Rover, Laiterie de Montaigu, Hyatt, Lido de Paris and so many others, who each year contribute to making this event a must for everyone who loves sports and lifestyle. Yet again, Paris has proved how enticing the Longines Masters is to the world's best riders, and offered this wonderful audience emotions and memories that will last forever. Now, it’s time to like ahead to the Asian stage, in Hong Kong from February 8-11, 2018, which promises to be just as fabulous, with the launch of Asia Horse Week, the new place to be for the equestrian community in Asia - then New York from April 26-29, 2018, for the new American stage, in the city where nothing is impossible! Some amazing shows that we will be delighted to broadcast freely and in integrality on the digital channel EEM.tv, real window to the world of excellence in equestrian sports ” concluded Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and Founder of the Longines Masters series.

And so the curtain goes down on the European edition of the Longines Masters Season III, which closed with a lion’s dance, pre-figuring the scene when next all come together for an exceptional event in Hong Kong: the Asian stage will take place from February 9-11, 2018, hosted by the first edition of Asia Horse Week.