A day to be defined by innovation and solidarity

3 December 2017 - EEM World

After two days of intense competition, the European and pioneering stage of the intercontinental Longines Masters series Paris – Hong Kong – New York continues to wow audiences! The intensity has been rising with every second, and most notably with the launch of two spectacular new events: the Masters Power, presented by the Lido de Paris, a stunning competition of sheer power that had the audience in raptures, while the much-awaited Riders Masters Cup, presented by EEM, with the support of the EEF (European Equestrian Federation) and Longines, as Founding Partner had the crowds on their feet, for what was the first-ever battle between Europe and the United States, the world's two key powers in show jumping.All eyes were set on the beautiful Lapparra Orfèvre Trophy sitting in the Mark Cross trunk. Emotions continued to fly hight as the evening part of the line-up opened, with the one-time participation of multi-faceted artist Richard Orlinski, for a devilishly creative DJ set, to which Kid Noize responded with a style all his own!

Already sizzling from the crack of dawn
No sleeping in for weary and not-so-weary riders: the third day opened at 9 AM sharp, with the Masters Two by Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes, the cradle of premium breeding and sports horse trade nurtured by Christophe Ameeuw, Founder and CEO of EEM. When the technical timed race, featuring 1m35 obstacles, it was the French Clément Boulanger riding the elegant Vaya de Lacke who stood atop the podium, edging out the young Tim Wilks.

This was followed by the traditional Masters Two Le Figaro, at 10:30 AM, which had pulses racing and bars rising, the latter specifically to 1m45. The challenge was masterfully taken up by the Danish Emil Hallundbaek and Chalisco, who emerged victorious of this class, ahead of the riders Charlotte Bettendores and Petronella Andersson.

Lastly, to bring the first part of the day to a hilt, the prestigious Paris Horse Show/Seneca Masters One sent the world's best riders onto the course at 12:45 PM, in a tribute to the greatest gathering of horse-lovers in France. Unfortunate at the Longines Speed Challenge where he failed to ensure a place on the podium, the Dutch Leopold Van Asten comforted himself by realizing a clear class and a crazy jump-off taking the lead.

The Masters Power Lido of Paris makes the leap
The first new event up for this Season III is the Masters Power, presented by the Lido de Paris. A full-blown stage production brought to audiences by EEM, launched by the pop electro duo Elephanz and sublimated by the famed Paris cabaret partner: the Lido de Paris. These elegant Blue Bell Girls, its Boys and its singer Manon, came out for selected performances of the famed “Paris Merveilles” revue.

As to the sporting performances, they started out to waves of applause from an audience champing at the bit to experience this power competition, in which riders went in turn through a line of six obstacles, the last increasing in height so long as the riders managed to clear it.

At the end of the classes of the riders, it is finally the French Marc Dilasser that blown out the audience with a performance close to an exploit. “I really felt supported by the encouragements of the public” he said being the only rider to manage passing over a fence of 2m with Indigo Blue Biolley. A standing-ovation awarded the laureate of the Masters Power!

Late in the afternoon, at 5:30 PM, Hyatt Grand Prix Master Three kept the amazing atmosphere going thanks to a course that confirmed the talent of the French Nikolaos Katsos and his horse Udette Z, winner of the jump-off in 33”3 seconds. Eden Leprevost Blinlebreton and Ansgar Holtgers Jr took the second and third places of this class sponsored by Hyatt.

The Riders Masters Cup, strategy and passion throbbing at the heart of a first-time event
The major premier in Season III, the Riders Masters Cup, a new team competition presented by EEM in partnership with EEF (the European Equestrian Federation) and Longines as Founding Partner, gave the audience in Paris and across the world, thanks to EEM.tv and the social networks, a moment of rare intensity and an unforgettable memory. To inaugurate the competition, a true revolution in the world of equestrian sports, Christophe Ameeuw spoke out: “This incredible competition is dream came true: creating excitement through a unique competition built as a Grand Chelem”. Pierre Durand, ambassador of the Riders Masters Cup adds: “I am sure that team leaders will surprise us like the greatest strategists to build amazing duos!”

The European and American anthems rang out in the legendary arena of the Longines Masters of Paris, hailed by generous applause by an audience eager to see the two nations - the world's greatest in show-jumping - face off for the first time in the history of equestrian sports.

As the draw designated Europe to open this first round, it is Kevin Staut Olympic champion by team, riding Ayade de Septon et HDC, determinedly ventured through the technical course, which spanned a full 1m50. The US team responded authoritatively, urged on by a crowd on fire, and pitted Devin Ryan riding the magnificent Cooper. Losing its bridle, Cooper let the victory to Kevin Staut, giving the first point to Europe.

When the 5 face-offs in the first round came to an end, Team Europe had gained the upper hand, with 3 winning rides.

Team Heads Robert Ridland and Philippe Guerdat then came together on the podium, for a friendly but resolute handshake, to set out their strategy for the second round, a speed competition that promised a breathtaking show. A simple principle: bet on the same order of riders to preserve the freshness of the horses.

Travelling at full speed with Cooper, Devin Ryan offered this time the win of the first dual to US team pushed by a galvanized public, sixth men of the team Gregory Wathelet maintained the division. Reed Kessler used of all her qualities to win her face-off with Jos Verlooy getting back the US in course just before the last dual! Lauren Hough, last rider of the US team, did a really fast class although she made a fault, letting a full suspense to the competition before the last European rider to pass, the talented Lorenzo de Luca. Facing the pressure, he did not crack and offered an historic final round to the competition.  

The strategy choosen by the team leader finally benefited to Europe that won the first leg of the all brand new Riders Masters Cup.  

The two teams went together for one last time on the podium on which the Europeans received the trophee from Fernanda Ameeuw. The americans promised to take their revenge during the american leg of the Longines Masters on Saturday April 28th of 2018.

“This first edition of the Riders Masters Cup showed that this wondrous sport - show jumping - can be simple, readable and thrilling to audiences, without giving up any of the elegance or excellence characteristic of them. Both the teams stepped up to the challenge in exceptional fashion, taking the audience right along with them and giving our sport the widespread support it deserves. I am proud to soon bring the Riders Masters Cup to New York, to share with audiences on the other side of the Atlantic the re-match of this very event which, I am certain, is in the process of revolutionizing show-jumping”, commented Christophe Ameeuw, CEO and Founder of EEM as the competition drew to a close.

The Longines Masters of Paris, a steadfast solidarity commitment
Saturday also offered the opportunity to pay tribute to EEM's solidarity commitment through the Longines Masters. This year, EEM chose to support care for autism across three continents, through the association “Sur les bancs de l’école”, in Paris, working with the support of its Title Partner Longines, Patron of Honor to the association “Sur les bancs de l’école” for the Longines Masters of Paris.

On this Saturday of solidarity, while the competition course offered audiences the chance to become familiar with the association “Sur les bancs de l’école” thanks to Salim Ejnaïni’s unforgettable performance. Salim, blind rider and twice handisport champion in France offered a spectacular show by jumping a 1m40 fence, the equivalent of a Masters Two class. This great emotion was shared with Guillaume Canet, his sport mentor, who supported Salim since day one.

“The Longines Masters of Paris is a place where anything can happen. By showing in the Masters Power, I wanted to prove that being different doesn’t mean that you cannot fulfill your dreams. That is what inclusion means.”

A 25 000 € check was offered by Longines, alongside with EEM, Salim Ejnaini and Elephantz, to Jean René Buisson, president of the association “Sur les Bancs de l’Ecole”. Thanks to this amount, the association will continue to go further with its actions to develop inclusion and access to regular schooling for autistic people.

Meanwhile in the Prestige Village, special events took place to support the association, such as signing sessions during which show jumping stars shared their passion with kids.

Simultaneously, Joan Faggianelli, the star show host for children’s channel Gulli and the programme In Ze Boite, offered children from the association the fabulous opportunity to take the reins of the event's social media and experience the Longines Masters de Paris as though they were real reporters.

At 3 PM, to close out the festivities, the French group Elephanz, Ambassador to the association, got everyone moving to the beat of his colorful, irresistible electro pop, during a live set for solidarity.

a number of live events continued throughout the halls, in support of the association.

A day defined by emotion and sharing, and a glorious illustration of the values embodied by equestrian sports, at the Longines Masters of Paris.

The Prestige Village, walking to the drum of the competition and live event line-up
As soon as the doors opened at 8 this morning, audiences were once again given the chance to explore the many pop-up stores set up at the Prestige Village and enjoy the unique atmosphere around the training paddock, with shopping, exhibits, live events for children, competition play-backs on giant screens, and more -- all the ingredients needed for a perfect day.  The never-ending action was broadcast live on EEM.tv, which had set up its platform along the edge of the paddock, welcoming riders, partners and guests, for “Masters Talks” throughout the day.

Richard Orlinki’s pop-up store, official artistic partner, allowed the audience to discover his first talent through his masterpieces like the Wild Kong and the Prancing Horse, which inspired the Longines Speed Challenge trophy that you can find at the Ecaussinnes Stables, headquarters of EEM. Later on, his showed another aspect of his talent by giving the first live DJ set of the evening.

Sport champions like Pénélope Leprévost, Cécilia Berder and Andrew Choker met the audience during crowded signing sessions in the Prestige Village.

At 11 :00 PM Orlinski showed his DJing skills by taking control of the stage and announced the start of this 3rd day’s celebration.

Later on, Belgian DJ Kid Noize took control of the turntables for an evening no one will forget! Looking out across the jubilant audiences, “The Man with the Monkey Face” offered set after set, interpreting his hits such as Do You Know and Ocean, even tossing in some of his exclusives. “All great competitions end with an exceptional celebration, and I am tremendously proud to have been the master of ceremonies to this one. Making music for this audience of an entirely different kind was a unique experience for me, and one that makes me truly proud” concluded The Man with The Monkey Face, as he came away from the frenzied set.

Les temps fort du dimanche 3 décembre 2017
8h30 : Master Three SFAM Grand Prix
10h45 : Masters Two Land Rover Grand Prix
13h45 : Course de Poneys du Haras de Jardy
14h45 : Longines Grand Prix