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The goal of the Masters Squad is to create a community of young riders in the Northeast region that utilizes the Longines Masters of New York platform to foster engagement in competition, encourages them to work hard, and provides incentive for participation.
The Masters Squad serves to help grow the general enthusiasm around the sport by facilitating the growth of the fan base from the inside out. This program is designed to help young riders aspire to compete, learn from incredible riders, and meet their heroes!

Tell us more about you

I (first name), (last name) am excited to join the Masters Squad as part of (Insert Barn). I am  (Insert Age) and ride with  (Insert Trainer/Barn). My horse’s name is (Insert Horse Name)and we currently show in (Insert Division). We want to be champions just like (Insert Favorite rider). My favorite Grand Prix horse is (favorite riders horse’s name). I started riding when I was (age) and my first horse/pony was named (insert name). One day I dream of showing at (insert horse show).

As part of my commitment to the Masters Squad, I am committed to selling 25 tickets to the Longines Masters of New York to my family and friends so we can all cheer on the amazing riders in the Longines Speed Challenge, Riders Masters Cup & Longines Grand Prix. They will be so excited to witness the best competitors in the world AND see me get honored for my participation in the competition ring before the Grand Prix! I am very hopeful I will sell enough tickets to participate in a clinic with  (Favorite Professional 5* Rider). I hope to learn how to  and  (Insert two things you want to learn in the clinic).

I am also committed to participating in the weekly challenges and hope to gain as big of a following as (Insert favorite equestrian Instagram account)

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